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Shit has really hit the fan, and it's just going to get worse from here.

Artemus is dead, taken by the Nightingales. The crawlers. Sure, they appear to be pink and harmless, but holy shit do they have a set of teeth on them. Well, sets. They work a bit like shark teeth only more of them. They only show it when agitated or in attack mode.

Ixion is burning, being eaten alive by them too. I refer them as mutants instory because they don't know what they are. Just this weird chirping noise that they emit. And yes, there are cellphones in the future, and among other types of communications. What's a query? (Ha, I just answered it.) It's texting, but it has a special thing to it. I forgot to say in the last discussion, yes, Madrugada is an android too, the same class as Vincent. I forgot to mention that Class I's are the most varied in terms of looks.

I had a little trouble writing the last scene because I came up with so many variations, all of them awkward as hell. But the fact of the matter is that Madrugada got a little too close and woke up Vincent.

How is Vincent alive you ask? Sure, his heart is plain missing, but something might have occurred in the 375 years that he was dead. A slow recharge? Or maybe he went into critical shutdown then to recover? Or just pure chance? Or the doing of the Lightbringer? (Ohhh!) It's still early in the story.


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