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This past week, I worked on Nightingale.

I haven't done that since I left for basic training. Or before that.

Nightingale is about an alien invasion, set in the far future and even in another galaxy. Well, the galaxy that's gonna collide into us in the next 4.5 billion years - Andromeda. Only two can stop the whole deal and save the system or even the galaxy/universe, etc, I haven't decided on that. The aliens -- the Nightingale -- are a nasty bunch. They are controlled by a massive hive-mind, the Queen. I would say something similar to Myrrah from Gears of War but not quite.

They are capable of on the spot mutation to help cope with whatever planet they land on, and infect other beings with some semblance of intelligence, artificial or natural. That's right, they can infect machines too! But how do they infect? I'm still working on that. Why are they called Nightingale? Because they sound like them. But, that's the problem though; no one knows what the namesake sounds like because they are extinct by that point and little data have been developed. By the time you hear one, it's too late. 

Nightingales do have weaknesses, though few in number, which of course makes them extremely hard to kill. It all depends on the host and such, but the common weakness they share are light and sound, so they do not attack during the daytime. On the planet they are invading, it is the start of a time that the suns (yes, suns) don't rise beyond the horizon, like how around the arctic circle during the winter time?

I did say two are the only ones that have the capability to stop them. One doesn't know, the other one does, but he's... well, I can't say what happened to him, but it's quite grisly. And I'll explain after I post the prologue.
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