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Woah, a 375 year time skip, a different planet, and more people introduced?

What the hell?

I'll tell you this much, Echo Madrugada is the other major character introduced to this story. I know her name is weird, but it has meaning. During the course of the story, she will called by her last name. Or have the whole the last name is actually her first name and... well it's a lot feminine than Echo because it can be mistaken for a male name, I think. She does get called Echo though at some point in the story.

She is a junior secretary, lower than an actual secretary. In that regard, she pretty much does all the grunt work and then some. It's because of her height. She is very small, at about 4'11", and everyone who works at the police station is chufty. So, she has a desk job, pretty much serves as an information/help line. It's a wonder how she even got that job, let alone being assigned to Artemus. Her age is vague, but she is around her early 20s. It will be apparent as the story goes on.

Another thing introduced? Hyperion and Ixion, a double-planet. Ixion is more of the suburbs and the agriculture planet, thus it has a smaller population. It's actually the leading producer in the whole system. Remember when I said that the planet undergoes darkness for a period? It's called Lowlight, marked by a festival, and parties everywhere. There is also a day of remembrance, but I'm not even sure if I am going to put that in or not. I couldn't think of any good names for the twin suns, so it's almost generic. I still don't know what class of stars they are.

And what is the Lightbringer? Well...

The Lightbringer is a mysterious entity. It is also referred as the Deathbringer in some circles. It's a physical god that pops up during important galactic events, such as a destruction of a world, the beginning of something. It can chose to end it all, or give assistance to whatever is happening, good or bad. It has no bias. And it doesn't have a particular form, but when it is seen, it takes on a form most appealing to the eye instead of some Cthulu looking thing. I thought about. but I honestly can't think of writing about tentacles flailing all over the place. Not to mention, that's just gross.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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Not expecting that, huh?

Well, neither did Vincent. That mortician is a sneaky fellow.

Anelus is a bit of a mysterious person, I'll admit. But he is of a serpentine race. No, he doesn't have any scales (not that I know of anyway), but his behavior? You'll see later on. Anyway, he hails from a distant planet (haven't named it yet) where it's all doom and gloom so, of course he fits his job description. In fact, it runs in his family and therefore a business. And how did he know that about Vincent? Or was that just a huge bluff?

Vincent on the other hand... well, it's clear that he's not human. He is a Class I android, meaning that it is extremely hard for anyone, even the androids themselves to tell if they're actually machine or not; even if that's the case it's very subtle. For instance, his eyes have a slight glow to them and his irises have a slight ring about them. If you seen Gurren Lagann, something like Lordgenome's eyes. Believe it or not, his height too. Class I's are of average Terran height, and he's roughly 6'5". That's still sort of unusual height today.

That necklace that Vincent gives to Skuella? For androids, they have either some type of trinket, like a bracelet, necklace, ring, jewelery of that sort with them at all times. It's a symbol of love, of different levels, and appreciation. However, there is something about the pendant, the star of Xen...

And what's with this thing called Excelis? It's basically a super-mode, dependent on the android. But, most do not realize that they even have such a thing. And even if it is triggered, it's purely by accident. Vincent knows how; he healed himself from the damage he took, but at a slight price. There is certainly more to him, but after what Anelus did...

That part I actually had a little trouble writing. It was either to make it as bloody as possible or bloodless. I think bloodless worked. It's believable, for one, even there should be a lot of 'blood' considering Vincent's heart got torn out of him.

And hearts do have a role in Nightingale too, believe it or not. I still haven't worked that out either.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?


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